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About us, the t-shirt.

No one doubts that the most democratic piece of clothing there is is the good old t-shirt. The good and new too.


Although tastes and preferences are not discussed, it is better to be made of softer cotton. With the collar open, less suffocating. Without those inner tags that sting in the back.

White and black t-shirts remain basically classic.

And classically basic.


But nothing against the colored bands, rock bands, surfers, skaters, teams... there's room for everyone.

As for tourist destinations, of course we enjoy NY, London, Paris, Rio, Noronha, and so many other destinations, but the shirt doesn't need to scream that the person was there, no matter how seductive this place is, as is our inspiring Florianópolis, say in passing.


Here's a parenthesis: big brands, which for a long time signed cool prints, are now putting the brand prominently on the chest and that's it! And, in this way, transforming its consumers into walking signs. It's to think about. Close parenthesis.


Aesthetics and trends aside, since it is something to think about, it is not possible to ignore the origin of the raw materials, much less the manufacturing processes. Wearing the environment shirt goes far beyond a printed art and catchphrase.


But if we also like brands and prints, it seems that it is increasingly difficult to find the ideal t-shirt. Far from it!

We knew that T-shirt democracy has those things.


Things that served as a model for us not to do the same.

And an incentive to put our brand in the world.

With all care. With every whim. With all due respect.

And with an identity that we understand to be the most appropriate for Floripa's many facets.


We are simply creating custom t-shirts that we haven't found before.

If you find it out there, thanks for the tip.

And for all the attention so far.

Cabe aqui um parêntese: grandes grifes, que durante muito tempo assinavam estampas bacanas, agora vêm colocando a marca bem destacada no peito e pronto! E, dessa forma, transformando os seus consumidores em placas ambulantes. É pra se pensar. Fecha parêntese.


Estéticas e tendências à parte, já que é pra pensar, não dá pra passar em branco a procedência das matérias-primas, muito menos os processos de fabricação. Vestir a camisa do meio ambiente vai muito além de uma arte e uma frase de efeito estampadas.

Mas se também gostamos de marcas e estampas, fica a impressão que está cada vez mais difícil achar a camiseta ideal. Longe disso! Sabíamos que a democracia das camisetas tem dessas coisas.

Coisas que serviram de modelo pra não fazermos igual. E de incentivo pra colocar a nossa marca no mundo. Com todos os cuidados. Com todos os caprichos. Com todos os respeitos. E com uma identidade que entendemos ser a mais apropriada às multifaces de Floripa.


Estamos simplesmente criando camisetas autorais que não achávamos até então. Se você achar por aí, agradecemos pela dica. E por toda a atenção até aqui.

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